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Frequently Ask Questions



What time are the races over?
Post time is 1:30 and there is a race approximately every 30 minutes so the races are over about 4:15 to 4:30 P.M.


What is a patron?
At the Radnor Hunt Races a patron is one who purchases admission to the limited access areas around the racecourse. Any package of $500 and higher are considered patrons.


What is a patron ribbon?
Ribbons are worn to identify those people who are permitted into the limited access areas around the racecourse.


Can I buy admission on the day of the races?
No, admission is not sold on the day of the races. There will be no will call area.


What if it rains?
This is a rain or shine event.  It’s been said, “There is no bad weather, just the wrong outfit.” 


Can I bring alcoholic drinks?
Yes.  Please drink responsibly. Please do NOT drink and drive. If you need transportation, use a designated driver or a taxi service.  We have a zero tolerance policy for underage drinking.


Is there food available? Yes.  Typical event vendor fare is available.  If you can’t find it ask one of the uniformed Boy Scouts who are all around the grounds.  If you are a patron, you may elect to attend the luncheon in the clubhouse.  Reservations are required.  Reserve by calling Radnor Hunt, 610-644-4439.


May I bring my dog?
Dogs—or any other animals—are not allowed.


Are drones allowed near the racecourse?
The races are a NO DRONE ZONE. For your safety and the safety of horses and riders, please leave your drones at home.  The Radnor Hunt Races will not allow drones on the grounds on race day.  Thank you for your cooperation.


What should I wear to the races?
Wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing but don’t forget the weather.  Women should wear flat shoes.  Generally speaking the level of dress changes with the proximity to the clubhouse where most gentlemen wear sport jackets (tie optional) and most ladies wear dresses.  But it is more about what you want to wear.  Remember a hat and sun block, or rain gear if the weather is wet.  Whatever area you choose, it can be breezy in all kinds of weather.


May I leave the grounds and get back in later?
No.  If you leave early your parking pass will be collected as you leave.  You can leave at anytime; from the infield you must wait to leave between races.


Why come early?
Many people come early to set up tailgate parties or tent parties.  You should arrive before 1:00 to allow for parking, walking, and looking for where you need to go.  If you are parking on the infield you should plan on arriving earlier around noon.  Crossing the racecourse takes some planning because the crossing gates are closed a few minutes prior to a race so the course can be inspected and certified clear.  During the races the gates are obviously closed and after a race the course has to be inspected again.


Can I get in if I have patron ribbon?
No, you need a parking pass to enter the grounds.  Parking passes are $100/car and everyone in the car is admitted.


Can I buy a parking pass and join my friend’s party?
Yes.  Make sure your friend is not in a limited access area (an area that requires a patron ribbon).  If they are they will need to get a ribbon from the party’s host.  (See below)


Can I buy a patron ribbon?
No.  Patron ribbons are a part of a patron’s package.  If you are a patron already you can buy extra ribbons up to the maximum permitted per area.  Box holders cannot purchase extra ribbons because there only 8 seats in a box.


Is there Handicapped Access?
Yes.  Many of the areas you drive directly to your reserved spot and park.  Those parking around the clubhouse should show the parking staff your handicapped placard and they will guide you to the handicapped parking area.  To get to where you watch the races requires walking/traversing over unpaved and uneven ground.


EMERGENCY.  If there is a serious medical or security emergency call 911.  If you do not have a phone ask your neighbor.  There is a response team on site.

Less serious emergencies:  There is an ambulance and first aid station in the center of the infield.  You may also contact any one of the uniformed Boy Scouts on the grounds and they can put you in touch with someone with a radio to request help or direct you.